Output Management Services

SPS Output Management supports client-to-customer communication through physical and digital channels

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What is an Output Management Service?

Output Management, or Enterprise Output Management (EMO), utilizes digital technologies to format, manage, and distribute data (including documents). This process uses applications such as enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) as well as customer relationship management systems (CRMs).
Document output services allow customers to receive documents through their preferred communications channel. This process results in critical files reaching customers quickly and efficiently.

How can output management improve business operational efficiency?

70% of document management is still physical, which means that companies are spending vast amounts of time and money to harbour a manual workforce. In peak seasons, business resources need to be scalable, which in turn can increase running costs significantly.
With the emphasis placed on input processing, many businesses don’t have enough time and resources to improve output processing. However, by digitizing document workflows, there are substantial cost savings and business efficiencies from which to benefit.
Our solution is fully scalable and flexible, regardless of seasonality or business requirements. The human workforce can complete tasks that add higher value to the business and lead to substantial cost savings.

SPS Output Management Services

Transactional Printing Services

SPS securely and efficiently handle the entire transactional printing cycle. From data input to the production of materials, putting documents in envelopes, and feeding them into the postal sorting system. With SPS transactional printing, there are no fixed costs, so you only pay for the documents that are processed.

Direct Mailing Services

Use the free whitespace on documents for marketing to avoid the costs of producing enclosures and increase sales revenue. SPS handle the data management - from preparation and programming to individual advertising messages and the production of communications.

Digital Delivery Channels

Digital channels are a cost-effective way of transitioning and integrating a range of electronic options alongside traditional print media, for internal and external processes and communications. SPS offer an end-to-end solution, working with our clients to define an ongoing program of methods, activities, and tools to ensure a successful communication integration.


The Benefits of Output Management

By optimizing the output management process, businesses can increase operational efficiency, customer relationships, and customer loyalty.
Specific benefits of output management include:
  • The reduction of operational, production, and distribution costs - savings of up to 80% per document
  • Removal of organizational bottlenecks - such as data overloading, complex processes, and the scalability of processes
  • Proactive managing and monitoring of customer communications
  • Print optimization and high-quality white paper solutions
  • Fast response to regulatory compliance changes
  • The reduction of environmental impacts and corporate carbon footprint


Enhance customer experience

Customer expectations, as well as how information is consumed, are continually evolving with the growth of digital platforms. While print remains the primary distribution channel for business-critical documents, digital channels such as email, SMS, or online interfaces are becoming mainstream. However, each channel has its challenges.
Improving customer experience (CX) can increase the likelihood of customers renewing or buying new products by 30-50%. Consequently, we are building on the speed and efficiency of print materials to manage all of our client’s engagement channels.
By ensuring that our client’s customers are receiving documents and communications based on their preferences; we can enhance the customer experience. Optimal CX results in increased loyalty and lifetime value, while at the same time offering something that competitors cannot.


Why is SPS the preferred EMO supplier?

SPS has years of experience in EMO. In fact, our end-to-end services can improve the entire document output management process. We have developed a flexible and scalable process platform, enabling any physical or electronic document to be transformed and communicated as required.
We leverage our modern, stable, and standardized platform to centrally and securely manage client data. We also optimize all documents and communications processes without risk, while minimizing operational costs and increasing productivity.
To see how our end-to-end output management services can benefit your business,

Customer testimonials

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    At Stena Line we believe it is important to invest money into providing value-added IT services for our customers. In order for us to take our billing services to the next level it was important that we chose a provider who could cater for our needs, by listening and developing a solution that was right for us – and that’s exactly what Swiss Post Solutions has done.

    Freight Commercial Manager, Stena Line UK&I

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