Service Factory

This innovative model combines advanced automation technology with an expert workforce in a single bundle that drastically cuts the execution time and cost of repetitive tasks. It uses a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Welcome to the Service Factory

Historically, business process outsourcing (BPO) used offshore human operators to handle back-office tasks at lower costs. Modern businesses realise that this isn’t scalable. The cost of these solutions increases with the volume of business tasks, while quality can be erratic and unreliable. We need a new approach. Welcome to the Service Factory.

This innovative model combines advanced automation technology with an expert workforce in a single bundle that drastically cuts the execution time and cost of repetitive tasks. It uses a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out the bulk of the tasks, but leverages human operators to deal with outlying cases or exceptions.

For example, if intelligent automation systems cannot understand a complex payment request, then the task is automatically routed to a skilled worker located in an onshore, nearshore or offshore servicing center. They then compete the task manually and submit it back into the workflow, with the whole process managed in a single cloud platform. Typically, 80% of tasks can be automated, with 20% completed manually.
A service factory is more than just a processing hub — it is a centre of excellence. Service factories have a narrow scope, concentrating on a core selection of business processes that drives new efficiencies into existing systems. They do the same thing for dozens of enterprise clients. Excelling at a few tasks creates consistent quality and also generate economies of scales, which lowers costs.

People, process, and technology: A powerful combination

Service factories blend people, process, and technology to create a highly functional unit that focuses on completing client tasks quickly, accurately, and at low cost. They combine to produce a resource that can scale to meet your needs, taking on extra workloads with ease.


SPS strictly vets employees in its service factories to be sure that only the highest calibre of worker with extensive business function expertise sees client data. SPS trains employees to handle complex tasks, using their own initiative to find speedy, accurate solutions and maintain processing speeds.


We design our service factories for consistent, high-quality operation. They focus on one area, with the highest degrees of accuracy. We achieve this by constantly refining our processes but also by applying them consistently to ensure that every task gets the same outcome. We also understand that enterprises each have their unique requirements. We pride ourselves on rapid process customisation and deployment to cater for each of our clients.


We built our IT platforms to serve multiple clients. We use an individual data environment for your processing that ensures your data remains secure. We also integrate with your own systems to create smooth, fast workflows that conform to your business needs. We can even process the data directly on your systems.  We tailor our advanced technology to each process in our service factories to ensure that we meet your service expectations and processing times.

SPS in action

SPS operates four service factories that offer a narrow, focused approach to serving your business tasks

Data processing factory: Our data processing service factory offers services ranging from accounts payable through to claims and applications. With 1,000 qualified operators, we process over a one million documents a day across 36 languages.
Omni-channel output factory: This service factory prepares customer communications across a range of digital and physical formats so that you can reach people using the channels they prefer. Our output management is fully automated and offers full compliance with GDPR and local legislation.
HR services and payroll factory: A service factory for human resources-related activities including payroll, the processing of travel expenses, and updates to HR records.
Typically, clients see a 50% reduction in its HR costs after switching to a SPS service factory.
Banking factory: We operate a specialised service factory for the banking sector, which handles tasks including payment processing and master data management. We have 80% straight through processing (STP) for paper-based payments.

Benefits of service factory

  • Automation – A mixture of tightly honed technology systems and seasoned staff means reliable, consistent outcomes for our clients.           
  • Expertise –  Our workers have experience in dealing with unusual variations in data.
  • Economy of scale –  An efficient, focused system operating at scale means lower costs.
  • Faster processing – Our unique mixture of technology and expert human skills accelerates your business processes by an order of magnitude.
  • Industrial scale ­– The model allows companies to complete business services at industrial scale.
  • Scalability – We can scale our technology-driven processing to suit your needs while adding extra people to handle the 20% of cases that need human intervention. This allows us to easily meet sudden peaks in demand.
  • Higher quality – Our AI-driven task processing combined with expert human analysis, produces an unparalleled level of accuracy and consistency, boosting your output quality.
To find out how a Service Factory could support your business,
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    Cost-optimized salary process with payroll factory – outsourcing ensures cost variability, flexibility & compliance

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a good example of a company whose strategy has evolved to respond to the opportunities provided through intelligent business process automation. IDC has seen a significant progression in the two years since IDC interviewed the company about its strategy for leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence to improve its document management BPO service

    Jacqui Hendriks, IDC Research and Consulting Manager

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions have established themselves as a leading inSTREAM service provider. They have proved to be a highly competent and professional global partner and the deployment of the inSTREAM platform in their Swiss data center is further evidence of their growing credibility and in their ability to deliver intelligent automation to their global customers.

    Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton

  • testimonials

    I like Swiss Post Solutions because they are reliable, efficient, trustworthy and committed to sustainability. I only ever had positive experiences with them.

    Robert Oudmayer, CEO, CembraMoney Bank AG

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