Intelligent Automation (IA)

IA enables organizations to achieve significant improvements in business process performance, by leveraging Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in their document management and business process workflows.

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The value of Intelligent Automation (IA)

As digital technology continues to evolve, customer expectations are constantly expanding. Today’s connected customers expect accurate, instant responses on their preferred channel, 24/7. And they increasingly prefer natural, unstructured communication types like email, messaging or social media. As a result, companies are being forced to upgrade their customer experience management. They need systems that can cope with huge volumes of physical and digital communication, and can process customer queries quickly and accurately. 


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The pioneering Technologies underpinning process automation

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What is Intelligent Automation (IA)?

Intelligent Automation (IA) refers to a mix of technologies that allow companies to automate complex tasks at scale. It typically involves a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – where software robots mimic repetitive tasks such as entering data from one spreadsheet to another – and artificial intelligence (AI). The addition of advanced cognitive technologies, like visual recognition, natural language processing, and semantic understanding, enables IA to comprehend document content e.g. a customer email. Companies are taking a strategic approach to IA and using it as an engine to power their business processes in a number of areas.


Customer communications

IA powered communication is automated, delivered faster and available 24/7.

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Mailroom automation

Mailroom automation replaces manual information handling.

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Claims automation

Claims automation results in faster refunds and happier customers.

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Smart system integration

Smart integration of legacy systems replaces cumbersome manual data updates.

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Customer communication

Companies are receiving greater volumes of customer communication, across an array of different physical and digital channels.
Instead of relying on manual processing, companies can use IA to automatically read and extract data from a variety of inbound sources. It can analyze the information in these documents by content, context, and even sentiment and can operate 24/7.
The result is huge inflows of unstructured data are turned into structured, useable information that can be efficiently processed by operators or even automated by RPA without human intervention. The information can then be passed on to customer-facing teams. As the data is centralized, it becomes possible to take an omni-channel approach and respond to customers across any physical or digital media.
IA is a quantum leap on the road to straight-through processing, where fewer people interact with data as it goes through the organization.

Mailroom automation

Mailrooms are at the frontline of the customer experience. They are under great pressure to process large volumes of incoming communications quickly, efficiently and accurately.
Intelligent Automation can be used to replace manual information handling in the mailroom. Large amounts of physical documents are scanned. Then the documents are classified using a mix of optical character recognition (OCR) and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore relevant information is extracted from the documents..
Companies can use IA to automate 80% of mailroom processes, leaving human workers to concentrate on what they do best: managing more complex, nuanced tasks. IA can reduce processing times and increase accuracy, whilst allowing companies to scale up and down rapidly in response to demand.     

Claims automation

The insurance and transport industries shoulder an immense workload when it comes to customer claims. IA analyses customer communications for content and context before extracting the relevant data and creating claims management jobs. It can then automatically complete the claims or assign them to individual agents, if they are especially complex.
By leveraging automation, claims are processed almost instantly and companies can enable faster refunds and create a better customer experience. Advanced AI can also be used to detect fraudulent claims, helping to reduce unnecessary payouts.   

Smart system integration

Many companies still rely heavily on legacy software applications for data processing. These systems are often bespoke, with rigid processes for data entry and extraction.
Smart integration of legacy systems replaces cumbersome manual data updates. IA can quickly adapt and learn the steps to extract and convert data between different systems, making it a far cheaper solution than coding custom adaptors. It is a powerful tool for quickly building interfaces between legacy software applications and newer cloud-based systems. The quality of data is higher and all systems can be updated in real-time.

The benefits of SPS's IA approach include

  • Greater accuracy – Manual processes are subject to human error. By automating them, IA offers new levels of accuracy, leading to more efficient operations and a better customer experience.
  • Cost reduction – Automating repetitive manual tasks helps to cut labor costs, allowing companies to concentrate their spending on human talent where it adds the greatest value.
  • Faster response time – By using Intelligent Automation companies can process information quicker and cut response times, resulting in happier more satisfied customers.   
  • Better customer experience – IA helps create an always-on organization that can respond to customer needs 24/7.
  • Physical/digital hybrid – SPS IA solutions can be used to optimize processes in both the physical and digital worlds.
  • Re-engineer business processes – IA is a core component in a business process factory that allows companies to automate business processes systematically, at scale.
  • Unlock data value – By digitalizing and centralizing information, companies can build a comprehensive profile of each individual customer. This allows them to better respond to each person's unique preferences and needs.
To find out how your company can benefit from Intelligent Automation,
  • Case Study

    Travel Business

    Learn how this travel operator saves two FTE by applying Robotic Process Automation to answer travel queries.

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a good example of a company whose strategy has evolved to respond to the opportunities provided through intelligent business process automation. IDC has seen a significant progression in the two years since IDC interviewed the company about its strategy for leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence to improve its document management BPO service

    Jacqui Hendriks, IDC Research and Consulting Manager

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions have established themselves as a leading inSTREAM service provider. They have proved to be a highly competent and professional global partner and the deployment of the inSTREAM platform in their Swiss data center is further evidence of their growing credibility and in their ability to deliver intelligent automation to their global customers.

    Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton

  • testimonials

    I like Swiss Post Solutions because they are reliable, efficient, trustworthy and committed to sustainability. I only ever had positive experiences with them.

    Robert Oudmayer, CEO, CembraMoney Bank AG

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