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SPS is at the forefront of digital transformation in document management and information processing. As pioneers in intelligent automation and business process services, we harness people, processes and technology to create scalable, high-quality solutions for our clients.

SPS Document Management and Business Process Services

SPS is a global full-service provider of physical and digital Document Management services and information processing. We have deep technology and core business process experience, allowing us to implement best-in-class solutions for each stage of the digital journey and for any service with pioneering solutions for document processing, document scanning and business process automation (BPA). As one of the only hybrid providers, we can manage both physical media, such as letters and forms, as well as digital media for inbound capture and output management.


Mailroom Outsourcing Services

Deploy on-, off-site, remote or mobile Mailroom Service delivery with us

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Omni-channel Input Services

We support stable, secure, cost efficient business process optimisation

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Omni-Channel Output Services

Physical and digital Output Management services according to your requirements

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Business Process Services

Automate your business processes and focus on your core performance

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Document Management Services

As digital technology continues to advance, companies have to cope with huge volumes of unstructured information. As well as mail, letters and forms they also have to process customer communications from an array of digital channels, including email, SMS, and voice/video messaging. Taking this information and turning it into a structured useable format, is a major challenge. Manual processing is costly and time consuming and often error-prone. But many companies do not have the technological expertise or experience to successfully leverage automated processing and location benefits.


Mailroom Services

Our Mailroom Services can reduce administrative costs, increase your flexibility and improve customer services.

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Document Processing Services

Our document processing services’ optimise your document based business processes.

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Output Management Services

Our solution supports our clients in how they communicate with their clients, through managing physical and digital channels.

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Mailroom services

From document scanning to artificial intelligence, we use a combination of people, processes and technology to automate your mailroom operations and improve core business operations. As hybrid providers we can work seamlessly with both physical and digital forms of communications, giving you full omni-channel capabilities. 

Document Processing Services

By using intelligent automation we automatically classify incoming documents and extract the most relevant information. The use of automatic data processing is a key part of our innovative document management solutions. It helps turning unstructured data into structured usable information that is ready for processing and analytics.

Output Management Services

Whether responding by physical or digital media, we enable companies to communicate with their customers on the channel they prefer. This is a form of customer service automation that improves accuracy and response times.

Business Process Services

For businesses to succeed in the digital age, they need lean, integrated systems from the back-office all the way to customer-facing teams. The optimal business process automation model includes a combination of technologies like AI, straight-through-processing and skilled human agents located in onshore, nearshore or offshore locations. This enables companies to manage core business processes with efficiency and speed.


Accounts Processing

Our Mailroom Services can reduce administrative costs, increase your flexibility and improve customer services.

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HR Services

We offer a range of reliable solutions for professional and intelligent HR document management.

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Customer Service Support

We analyse your processes and offer you support for improved customer services and sales Support.

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Accounts Payable and Receivable

SPS accounts payable services operate with OCR software to manage the complete invoice processing workflow. Our accounts receivable (AR) software enables us to streamline and automate the entire AR process for our clients. Automating accounts payable and receivable makes tangible improvements to company cash flow, enhances service efficiency, and as a result, provides better customer experiences.

Insurance Claims Automation

Through the use of advanced document processing and intelligent automation, SPS can increase the speed of claims processing while reducing errors. Leveraging automated processes, can greatly improve the customer experience and transform core business.

HR Services and Payroll Factory

Our dedicated service factories allow companies to manage entire workflows at industrial scale. Built on an innovative business processing as a service (BPaaS) platform, companies can leverage automated processes as well as skilled human agents. The result is a reliable, higher-quality output at massive scale.

Customer Care and Sales Support Automation

Customer service automation involves the latest digital technology to create an optimal experience for all customers. From virtual assistants to omni-channel output management, our customer service solutions and processes lead the industry. We combine skilled human agents with the latest customer service software in one integrated platform, allowing you to transform output management.
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Customer testimonials

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    I like Swiss Post Solutions because they are reliable, efficient, trustworthy and committed to sustainability. I only ever had positive experiences with them.

    Robert Oudmayer, CEO, CembraMoney Bank AG

  • testimonials

    We are very happy with the constant and reliable services and the close and global relationships with Swiss Post Solutions and the professional reporting and project management.

    Head of Document Logistics Zurich Insurance

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions has helped us to build lean and secure processes for our incoming document management – we have significantly reduced the corresponding costs per contract.

    Head of Document Management, Direct Insurance

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions enables us to further enhance the quality, quantity, and speed of the data we collect. At The NPD Group, we seek out state-of the- art solutions for business applications that add value to the services we provide. The SPS solution enables us to further enhance the quality, quantity, and speed of the data we collect, enabling us to provide our clients with the deep insights based on precise, timely and reliable data.

    Steve Coffey, Chief Innovation Officer, The NPD Group

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