Mailroom Outsourcing Services

Take control of administrative costs and benefit from SPS’ extensive experience in standardizing business processes.

Benefit from our experience in standardizing procedures

Swiss Post Solutions is one of the leading providers of outsourced mailroom services, with over 500 clients who depend on our range of mailroom solutions. SPS mailroom services can reduce administrative workload, strengthen financial flexibility, and improve service offering quality.
We understand that inefficient administrative processes, rising overheads, plus the need to support alternative working practices can present businesses with enormous challenges. SPS mailroom services improve efficiency by reducing costs through the adoption of standard processes such as continuous method improvement through innovation.


Mailroom Outsourcing

Improve efficiency and lower costs by outsourcing Mailroom Services to Swiss Post Solutions

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Digital Mailroom

Management of multi-channel inbound documents is a central challenge of the modern workplace

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Office Services Outsourcing

Increase the productivity and effectiveness of your office services operation and reduce costs

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The benefits of outsourcing your mail services

In the age of digital transformation, industries are as competitive as ever, and each company needs every advantage they can get. Being able to focus on core business operations that are driving the business forward is essential. However, to keep a business going, there are still non-core business functions that need attendance. Non-essential processes such as mailroom operations take time, money, staff, and countless other resources to ensure efficiency is optimal at all times. Third-party mail management companies are experienced in mailroom operations so they can optimize workflows or reduce process times. By optimizing the mailroom operation, businesses can cut costs on factors like staff and paper.

SPS Mailroom Services

Physical Mailroom Outsourcing

Our outsourced mailroom services and software include:
  • Mail management for incoming mail and outgoing mail
  • Internal postal services
  • Secure mail-screening and security services
  • Courier shipments, and cost management
  • Archiving Services
  • Customs compliance
  • Publications management
  • Mail auditing software
  • Desktop ordering software

Digital Mailroom Solutions

SPS digital mailrooms optimize your business processes and improve efficiency through the utilization of secure mailroom software and workflow standardization tools.

Our digital mailroom services include:

  • Mail scanning services
  • Mail categorization
  • Mail forwarding and distribution
  • Digital delivery recording
  • Digital mail archiving

Office Services Outsourcing

Swiss Post Solutions provides highly trained, customer-centric professionals to help improve workflows and drive efficiencies within a variety of office services including:
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Reception Management
  • Conference Room Management
  • Managed Print Services
  • Reprographics

SPS Mail Services

Our experienced teams deploy alternative working strategies such as on or off-site, remote or mobile service delivery models. Utilizing mailroom automation software optimizes manual operations in addition to improving service quality. Our clients have access to digital mailroom services, which allow all incoming data to be captured and made globally accessible. SPS mailroom services can create space, reduce costs, minimize risk, and facilitate flexible pricing models based on usage.
Once your business mail arrives at your on-site or off-site mailroom facility, the letter or package will be sorted into physical or digital correspondence. SPS mail management can handle any inbound communications, from letters, emails, and contracts, to parcels and packages. The pre-sorted mail is then forwarded to your mailroom, to follow separate workflows depending on the format.
To find out if an outsourced mailroom would be an option for your business,
  • Case Study

    Helping a global bank realise significant savings and reduce risk

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    By partnering with Swiss Post Solutions we have benefitted from bespoke, innovative and measurable solutions, as well as a shared belief in strong business ethics and high standards of people management, growth and development. Outsourcing to Swiss Post Solutions has meant that we can re-focus valuable time and effort on our primary business.

    Facilities Manager, Canon UK

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions contributes to the success of JLL and our clients by consistently delivering to a high standard, on time and within budget, as well as a global leadership team that supports us with exceptional customer service.

    Head-Supply Chain Management & Procurement , Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd

  • testimonials

    The partnership with Swiss Post Solutions enables us to implement best practices for our clients, using key performance indicators and detailed reporting, and having rapid and up-to-date access to accurate invoice processing data will improve decision making for ELFS employees and enhance the service they provide to clients.

    Director, ELFS Shared Services

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