Secure Mail Screening

Our solution minimises your risk of mail security incidents and keeps your organisation and employees safe with our extensive range of threat-detection options.

Protect your staff and premises from disruptions

High profile organisations are at constant risk from mail security incidents. If a suspicious item of mail reaches your mailroom it can shut down your premises for hours, at a high cost to your business. Our Secure Mail Screening service enable you to address the risks from inbound mail threats by detecting and containing them before they reach you.

Protecting organisations facing mail-based threats

Swiss Post Solutions operates a full range of secure screening facilities, protecting organisations facing some of the highest risk levels against hazardous mail-based threats.

We offer an extensive range of threat-detection options, extending to the highest levels specified by the British Standards Institute PAS 97 guidelines, including:

  • Explosive screening
  • Radiological screening
  • Biological threat detection
  • X-Ray screening
  • Visual/manual screening

We draw upon our extensive expertise and experience to assess risk and identify a mail screening option that is appropriate, effective and affordable for your business. We offer long and short-term screening solutions for any scale of requirement: from a single individual, to an entire enterprise.

Swiss Post Solutions was a key contributor to the original PAS 97 specifications for mail screening and security, issued in the UK by the British Standards Institute and we ensure we are prepared and equipped to help you protect your business from any mail-based threat. With the Secure Mail Screening service your mail is collected, screened, cleared of any suspicious items and delivered to your premises within the agreed timescale.

Delivering a safe working environment

The benefits of a SPS Secure Mail Screening Service include:

  • Minimising risk to all aspects of business continuity to protect your organisation, employees and reputation.
  • Access to the highest levels of expertise to assess the risks your business faces and to design, implement and manage an appropriate solution.
  • A range of screening service options spanning all levels from simple inspection and x-ray systems to broad-spectrum threat detection.
  • Staff vetted to counter-terrorism standards, on-going specialist training and rigorous processes.

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