Case Study

DB Mobility Logistics AG

  • Challenge

    Sensitive commercial information, account statements or invoices – many documents are still sent by standard mail, as both the sender and the receiver want to ensure secure and verifyable postage. The HR department of German railway provider Deutsche Bahn was motivated to move away from standard mailings, due to cost concerns and the need for fast and environmentally friendly communication. On the other hand, it was well aware that e-mail messages sent through the internet can be easily intercepted and tampered with.

  • Solution

    For the introduction of such a system, Deutsche Bahn decided to team up with Swiss Post Solutions. Since January 2012, the HR service centre of Deutsche Bahn has sent Swiss Post Solutions the data required to send staff members standard mail. Employees now have the option to decide whether they wish to continue receiving this information physically or whether they prefer correspondence by secure e-mail.

  • Benefits

    • Cost-efficiency - employees who opted for electronic communication reduced communication costs by up to 50 per cent.
    • Security - all communication with staff members is confidential and trackable.
    • User-friendliness - registered employees receive documents in their e-mail inbox.
    • Simplicity for senders and recipients - as there is no need for additional integration.

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