Case Study

Optimized customer service in telecommunications

  • Challenge

    An international provider looking not only to maintain but also expand on its position in the highly competitive telecommunications market will rely on the systematic development and improvement of its customer service in the context of the digital transformation. The existing customer service organization had to be restructured. In a bid to avoid ballooning costs, the company decided to work with an experienced business partner to optimize simple jobs through automation and offshore outsourcing.
  • Solution

    To ensure costs do not increase excessively, it was decided to optimize simple activities through automation and offshore outsourcing together with Swiss Post Solutions. The following aspects form part of the solution:

    • Successful evaluation of IT security with reference to the strict German data protection regulations
    • Outsourcing of simple working processes to SPS Vietnam
    • Issue of a due diligence report on the potential for the outsourcing of all non-verbal customer service processes (letters, emails)
    • Transfer of both specialist and technical know-how to the outsourcing team
    • Gradual transfer and outsourcing of all processes which lend themselves to outsourcing
  • Benefit

    “Our main aim was to bring about a sustained improvement in the quality of our customer service without incurring an unnecessary increase in costs. Thanks to offshoring in collaboration with Swiss Post Solutions, that is exactly what we have achieved.” – Director of Finance and Controlling, Telecommunications Company

    Futher benefits are:

    • Faster processing of complex customer inquiries
    • Offshoring with assured compliance with all German rules, regulations and laws
    • Arrangement of additional personnel without substantial added costs thanks to low-cost location
    • Better customer service and therefore greater customer satisfaction

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