As an Employer

Swiss Post Solutions supports people who want to work alongside us and offers a variety of opportunities for staff development. Our Global Academy lies at the heart of the organisation's development opportunities.

Swiss Post Solutions as an employer

As a people-centric organisation we place great importance on caring for our employees and understand that to retain top performers, compensation and benefits must be robust, performance-based recognition programs consistently delivered and professional advancement a reality.

The Academy provides initiatives for the development of our staff at all Swiss Post Solutions locations. Academy programs and events offer innovative training opportunities for our employees, accompanied by meaningful assessments and incentives. Initiatives that we believe enable us to:

  • Create a global Swiss Post Solutions spirit.
  • Share our international resources and local best practices within people development.
  • Create visible employment opportunities and promote Swiss Post Solutions as a truly attractive employer.

Swiss Post Solutions offers leadership training to all levels of employees, from entry-level, front-line staff to senior-level executives. Standard training programs include:

  • Equal Opportunity Employment Compliance.
  • Corporate Development Training.
  • Customer Service Training.
  • Site-Specific Operational Training.

All these initiatives put us in a position to gain and retain future leaders and innovators, and ensures that Swiss Post Solutions can continue to drive change forward whilst offering our customers first class, cutting-edge services.

Swiss Post Solutions rewards talent and great achievements

Swiss Post Solution is proud to celebrate the hard work of our employees by rewarding top performers with recognition incentives and honouring long-term dedication with service milestone awards.

Annual Awards

Outstanding achievements are awarded in three Swiss Post Solutions categories:

  • Innovative Thinking
  • Clients First
  • Delivering Excellence

Prizes are also given for exceptional achievements in the fields of "New Business" and "Client & Market Development".

Global Swiss Post Solutions Academy Talent Opportunity Programme (TOP)

The TOP programme is designed for aspiring senior managers who want to become managers and innovators within Swiss Post Solutions. It is aimed at people with the character and desire to grow the business and bring about change. The programme, tailor-made to suit the talents of successful candidates, provides those with the right skills and desires the opportunity to make an invaluable investment in their careers with Swiss Post Solutions.

Swiss Post Solutions CEO Appreciation Award

This award is for a one-off recognition of an employee or a team who have delivered exceptional results or impacted the business in a very positive way. All employees are eligible for this award and recipients are personally selected by the Swiss Post Solutions CEO.

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